Overcoming Pandemic Legacies: Indonesia-China Strong Cooperation is Eminently Needed

Image Credit: CNN Indonesia

By Noto Suoneto and Alvin Ernesto

Indonesia should think some strategic cooperation with China in facing displeasing legacies caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The state of Indonesia-China relationship now is in a good degree. Despite having many common interests and recent…

How can South Korea strategically use the present time to strengthen its ties with Indonesia?

By Noto Suoneto

Credit: Okezone News

COVID-19 pandemic has not only given the profound impacts on the global economy and politics, but it has also brought up more dramatic escalation to the U.S. -China rivalry. The inflaming tension…

US President Donald Trump, Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and Chinese President Xi Jinping

Nearly 2.5 million people worldwide have infected by the new coronavirus listed today. People have been worrying much about when will this COVID-19 pandemic ended. The impact of this unprecedented pandemic is not only shaking the global economy but also the geopolitical constellation around the world. Experts have been saying…


By the time I am writing this, more than 2 million people worldwide have been infected by the new coronavirus. Hopefully, the situation is getting better in the foreseeable future. This time, I want to discuss the ASEAN +3 (Japan, Korea, and China) Virtual Summit who has just happened recently…


2. Lack of coordination between the central government and local government

As we all know, the decentralization system in Indonesia has allowed local leaders to have more authority in their region and to do what they think necessary for their populations. Before the COVID-19 Mitigation Task Force is established, the…

President Jokowi give a press conference on the coronavirus pandemic https://jakartaglobe.id/news/jokowi-urges-indonesians-to-stay-home

Today, more than 1,1 million people worldwide have been infected by the coronavirus. This global health crisis has not only disrupted the global economy and given geopolitical consequences but also has started to attack the domestic politics especially in democratic nations all around the world. …

G20 leaders during the Virtual Leaders Summit 2020. Photo from www.commondreams.org

G20 Virtual Leaders Summit: A hope amidst the crisis of global cooperation in fighting the coronavirus

Today is an unprecedented reality where more than 190 countries in the world affected by the new coronavirus also officially known as COVID-19. The time when this article is written, approximately 590.000 people are…

Pic: How Democracies Day Book from Amazon. Com

Demokrasi saat ini, apakah dalam bahaya? ( Membahas“How Democracies Die”- Steven Levitsky & Daniel Ziblatt)

Beberapa waktu ini, saya memiliki perasaan penasaran yang sangat tinggi terhadap apa yang terjadi di negara-negara demokrasi di dunia. Kita bisa melihat apa yang terjadi di Hong Kong, Amerika Serikat, Perancis, Malaysia dan sebagainya. Indonesia? tentu saja, terlebih kita baru saja mengadakan…

Photo Credit: straitstimes.com , published on 11 Sep 2018

Indonesia and South Korea: Progress Towards a Robust Partnership

It has always been interesting to see how Indonesia and South Korea as two middle powers in Asia elevate its position in international affairs and advance their bilateral relations. President Jokowi of Indonesia who has just been announced to be re-elected…

Noto Suoneto

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